Behavioral Ecology

Host specificity of parasite manipulation - zombie ant death location in Thailand vs. Brazil

Communicative & Integrative Biology 2012

Andersen, S., & Hughes, D.P. (2012). Host specificity of parasite manipulation: Zombie ant death location in Thailand vs. Brazil. Communicative & Integrative Biology, 5(2), 163-165. Research GatePDFPubMed

The life of a dead ant: the expression of an extended phenotype

The American Naturalist 2009

Andersen, S., Gerritsma, S., Yusah, K., Mayntz, D., Hywel‐Jones, N., Billen, J., ... Hughes, D.P. (2009). The Life Of A Dead Ant: The Expression Of An Adaptive Extended Phenotype. The American Naturalist, 174(3), 424-433. doi:10.1086/603640 JSTORPDFPubMed

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